2. juuli 2013

Küberturvalisuse resolutsiooni kõne OSCE parlamentaarsel assambleel

Tänasel (02.07.2013) OSCE parlamentaarsel assambleel vastu võetud küberturvalisuse resolutsioonil läks hästi - see leidis hääletamisel toetust. Debativoorus võtsid sõna Kanada, Venemaa, Poola ja Valgevene parlamentäärid. Allpool mu kõne tekst, mille resolutsiooni autorina esitasin teksti tutvustades.
Dear collegues,
Thank you for the possibility to introduce the draft resolution on cybersecurity. We are parlamentarians in the world, which is rapidly beeing changed by Information and communications technology. We have to work both with the possibilities and threats of this rapid change. On the one hand, the development of cyberspace expands possibilities for countries to promote freedom of expression and information, improve communication, trade, and quality of life, but it also brings new challenges to simultaneously deal with the threats that can stem from cyberspace.

The security of cyberspace has acquired a much wider dimension than ever before, but still needs much more attention. The protection of critical information systems could be regarded as equally important with traditional national security. And this is the main content of the item. Cyberspace should be kept safe and stable and in this the OSCE as a regional security organization, has its solid role in the security architecture.

The OSCE  has started to elaborate an initial set of confidence-building measures to enhance interstate co-operation, transparency, predictability and stability, and to reduce the risks of misperception, escalation and conflict that may stem from the use of Information And communication technologies. We would like to welcome this process and encourage continuing work on the development of these measures in cyber security.
We will underline, that the OSCE confidence- and security building measures and its continuous security dialogue is and will remain a crucial element in making our security environment more stable and predictable. While working on cyber security the OSCE’s commitments and principles, including those in the field of human rights and fundamental freedoms, must be very clearly upheld.

Therefore I would like to add at once the information about the amendment, which makes more precise   the item as a whole text from the  viewpoint of human rights and fundamental freedoms. These are stressed in many points In the item, but point 26 could be understood in various ways, as some of our collegues have rightly pointed out, thank you so much for that, so we would like to make all the text more precise.

So please, I ask You to support the resolution on cyber security and the amendment to rephrase the paragraph 26. Thank You so much!

E-post: liisa.pakosta@riigikogu.ee

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